Practice exercises for joining/linking words, signal words,transitions, connectives and/or text structure (it's all the same thing!)

Transition words exercises: fill in the sentennces
& write sentences with transitions (PDF)

Combine the sentences with transitions &
conjunctions (PDF)

How to use connectives with exercise & answers

Text structure quiz (PDF)

Choose the connective quiz

"As, since, that’s why, consequently, so, in order to, so as to for + ing, for … to" worksheet  (PDF)

Because, in case,so, so that exercises (PDF)

Transitional  words multiple choice exercises (PDF)

Transitions multiple choice comprehension
exercises (PDF)

Using transitions words correctly exercise (PDF)

Transitional words lesson (PDF)

Transitions paragraph puzzles (PDF)

Transitions guide & exercises (PDF)

Circle the best transition (PDF)

Text structure frames (PDF)

Insert the correct transition exercise (word)

Insert the appropriate transitions (PDF)

Practice with transitions (word)

Transition word practice (word)

Working with transitions (PDF)

Time contrasts worksheet (PDF)

Linking words worksheet (PDF)

Linking words & phrases exercise (PDF)

Linking words crossword (PDF)

Connectives multiple choice exercise

Exercise on connectives

Complete the essay with the linking words  (PDF)

Complete the sentences with but and because (word p.11)

Linking words exercises for contrast, addition, cause and result

Write the sentence again, using the word in brackets.

Guides and lists for linking words, signal words,transitions, conjunctions or connectors

Transitions word list (PDF)

A list of conjunctions,grouped according to the function they perform in a sentence.(PDF)

Transitional word list (word doc)

Sentence examples for transitional wods (word)

Transitional Words and Phrases Excellent list divided into mild and strong

Transitional words divided by function

Transitional Signals/ Coordination guides to linking words (PDF)

Connecting words lists incl. subordinating conjunctions (PDF)